Mermaid diving

Mermaid diving is a combination of freediving and self-expression, and everyone can add their own flavour to it. Since nobody should dive alone, a bonus in mermaiding is making new friends. The sport also involves other fun aspects, such as designing your own merfolk persona (also known as mersona) with a matching outfit. Despite its name, mermaid diving is suitable for both men and women. In many languages, the term “mermaid” translates to human fish and does not refer to gender. In Finland, the sport is also called tail diving.

Mermaiding can be practiced both in a swimming pool and in natural waters. Mermaids can also be spotted at various events and aquariums in Finland and abroad.

Moving weightlessly in the water feels amazing and it’s easy to get hooked on mermaiding! Understanding the basics of human physiology, the physics of being in the water, and safe practices is essential in order to enjoy the sport to the fullest.

PADI mermaid instructor Anna Tomppo